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Couple retires after winning $30.000.000

Everyone dreams of “early retirement” and that is just one of the many benefits that lotto winners get to enjoy. For a very lucky Canadian couple – Stephanie Lewis and Keith Hayman playing the Powerball lottery made this into a reality when they found out they could retire well under their 30s. The enormous  $30.000.000 lotto jackpot they hit was more than enough for living the good life well into their senior years without worrying about holding down a 9-to-5 job anymore. And if this could happen for two lucky players it could surely happen for other lotto enthusiasts as well with the current jackpot totaling a whopping $180.000.000!

24-year-old Lewis bought the Powerball ticket on a whim and checked it when her mom told her of someone in Conception Bay South who had won the Lotto Max jackpot. She never expected to find out it was actually her. Soon after she called all her close friends and family to share the good news.

couple win 30 million lotto“It was just unbelievable. It was very hysterical. It was a very emotional time,” says Lewis as she went to collect the prize with her boyfriend Keith Hayman, who’s 29 himself.

Shortly after learning the good news, both partners left their daily jobs and put their parents on the retirement list. As they both have siblings they have vowed to use a portion of their newly-acquired lotto fortune to help them out financially.

“Family is very important to us and I can assure you our families will have a very special Christmas this year. And we’re going to give them some money, so they can be worry-free from now on,” Lewis explains.

The couple has already treated themselves to a sunny vacation in Mexico and is planning on a set of new cars – a Cadillac Escalade for Lewis and a pickup for Hayman, but they claim that they won’t let the lotto haze change who they are.